Forgotten Force. Art and Memory Exhibition on view now at the Bentley Priory Museum

'We are very happy to be able to show the 'Forgotten Force. Art and Memory' exhibition for the second time. It was a privilege to work on this oral history project and be able to interview six amazing women who shared with us their life experiences. The stories of the young Polish female refugees were full of loss and sadness, which was overcome by their will to live and move on. The new circular exhibition space mirrors the cycle of life and history - we are still witnessing new generations of refugees flying away from military conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and many other countries. We hope that this exhibition, by not letting us forget, will give us a little hope that we will be able somehow to break this cycle and look into the future with optimism.' - said Olga Topol exhibition curator during the opening ceremony in The Bentley Priory Museum. The exhibition will run until the end of June 2023.

Resident Artist: Zofia Wyszomirska-Noga

Exhibition Curator: Olga Topol

Researcher & Videographer: Magdalena Paczocha

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