Board of Trustees

  1. Roman Kukliński - Trustee and Digitisation of Archive
  2. Andrzej Suchcitz - Advisor to Board of Trustees
  3. Alicja Whiteside - Trustee, IT Coordinator and Digitisation of Archive


The Institute employs four part time members of staff:
  1. Anna Stefanicka - General Secretary

  2. Lidia Letkiewicz - Museum
  3. Kornelia Balul - Archives
  4. Anna Górka - Archives
We also welcome delegates from the National Archives of Poland who undertake work placements at the Institute.

Volunteers and Consultants

From it’s creation, the Institute has continued to operate on a day to day basis largely thanks to the hard work put in by our volunteers. It is thanks to their efforts, dedication and skills that the Institute can continue it’s work, preserving Polish history and culture and representing Poland and Poles in Great Britain over the last 60 years.
Generations of Poles combine their enthusiasm and skills to support the Institute, including members of the oldest generation of Polish immigrants into the United Kingdom following the Second World War, those who arrived during the Solidarity movement and liberation of Poland from Russian Communist annexation, the most recent migrants, following Poland’s EU membership as well as second and third generation Poles. They all work together to make the archives available to the public, preserve important historical documents, bring in the use of new technologies, organise exhibitions, talks and tours and assist in the day to day running of the organisation.

  1. Zofia Wyszomirska Noga - Resident Artist
  2. Joanna Bolton - Publications and Graphic designer
  3. Paweł Filuś - Graphic designer
  4. Ewa Hammond - Translations
  5. Rafał Jabłonski - IT Consultant
  6. Elżbieta Klimowicz - Library
  7. Dorota Krimmel - Social Media
  8. Magdalena Paczocha - Special Projects
  9. Marta Szajna - Museum Lesson
  10. Olga Topol - Exhibition Projects and Curatorial & Learning Programmes
  11. Joanna Słowik - Chair of The Internal Audit Committee
  12. Jakub Skrzypkowiak - Library